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Game Name Riviera: The Promised Land
Console PlayStation Portable
Game Release (17 years ago)
Publisher Atlus
Image Format ISO
Game ID ULUS-10286
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Riviera: The Promised Land is a RPG video game published by Atlus released on July 11th, 2007 for the PlayStation Portable.

Review by Blankman:

avatar=417_1409068658.jpgRiviera: The Promised Land, is an RPG with Visual Novel element and it’s a remake version from the original Riviera: The Promised Land, which is on the GBA platform.. Imagine an RPG (should have several heroines, right?) and add Visual Novel mechanic to that, and bam! Riviera: The Promised Land is what you got. Makes right choices with certain character along the storyline, and you will receive the ending with your preferred heroine.. Choose who your little heart prefer and go for it! Enough with my rambling ’bout the VN mechanic, let’s get this review on the road!

Story: Meet Ein, the grim angel who descend to Riviera because of an order.. Some things happen and he get to stay at the human village with 2 girls, Lina and Fia.. Ein, which is an angel, start to learn about living things on Riviera, about people, and among other things, relationship with others. But, his order contradict with the new found life he found on Riviera.. Will he abandon things he cherish in Riviera, or will he stay true to his order? Wanna know? Play the game then~

Gameplay Mechanic: Moving around the map is pretty simple, since you can’t move freely. You’ll move between area, and you’ll be given option regarding where you’ll move next. When you’re in the map, you could perform search, and you’ll need it to interact with something. Interacting with something needs TP and it isn’t infinite, so spend wisely.

It’s an RPG, so you may get the common picture for battling, right? But, pay attention to each character’s affinity with weapons. A same weapon could be used for different skills, depending on the character who used them. This add vast option when battling and makes battling animation less monotonous. Since you couldn’t bring all your weapons and items, choose wisely before each battle to ensure your victory.

For the Visual Novel mechanic, you will often found a situation where you need to choose what to speak or to do. Choose as you wish along with the flow of event, because it’ll affect the affection level of involved character. With enough affection level, you’ll get her ending when you finished the game.. Sounds like a reason to finish the game several times just to see all ending, yeah?

Verdict: All in all, i could say Riviera: The Promised Land is worth all the hours of gameplay.. Surrounded by unique heroines, i can’t help to get attracted to someone and finished her route, can’t i? Add the story and many things to unravel, making this game is a piece that i personally say is the gem from the Dept. Heaven series..

Still not convinced and need some numbers to quick count the worthiness? Here it is from 1 to 10 points!

Story: 8 (many endings with different characters, giving it options for the ending is a plus point for me)
Gameplay: 8.5 (the battle is monotonous but at the same time, not really. Variety of skills and items could be used, multiply it with the number of the characters, and you’ll get a vast variant of effects at battle. The visual novel mechanic is very welcomed.)
Graphic: 8.5 (The CG is well done, and the heroine’s visual execution along with their personality would cater to many preference. Oh, forgot to mention the heroine’s bath scene..)*

*the bathing scene is quite safe, so no worries if you’re underage.. I’d say age 13+ is a safe limit..

.iso CRC-32: 83cf9317


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