Real Rode Portable (Japan) PSP

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Game Name Real Rode Portable
Original Title リアルロデポータブル
Console PlayStation Portable
Game Release (14 years ago)
Genre , ,
Publisher HuneX, Kadokawa Shoten
Image Format ISO
Game ID ULJM-05657
Downloads 978
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Real Rode Portable (リアルロデポータブル) is a Otome/RPG/Visual Novel video game published by HuneX, Kadokawa Shoten released on April 22nd, 2010 for the PlayStation Portable.

Niina is another normal high school girl. But she has a secret which she keeps even from her boyfriend, Naoya. She’s an otaku who loves to play games, and her favorite game is Real Rode.

One day while playing it for the 100th time, she’s sucked into the game. She woke up in a world she knew so well and meets her favorite characters there. Sadly, she’s not the heroine of this story.

Niina needs to complete the game in order to get out.
The game is divided into 2 paths depending on which ‘prince’ you choose. One is the white prince Alvand, and the other is the black prince Dyse.

If you liked LoveRevo, then you’ll like this game. If the battle/dungeon parts confuse you then here are some hints to help you.

CRC = 8BC5B0C8


Real Rode Portable (Japan) PSP


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