Phantom Kingdom Portable (J+English Patched) PSP ISO

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Game Name Phantom Kingdom Portable (J+English Patched)
Original Title ファントム・キングダム PORTABLE
Console PlayStation Portable
Game Release (13 years ago)
Languages ,
Image Format ISO
Game ID NPJH-50451
Downloads 22,404
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Phantom Kingdom Portable (J+English Patched) (ファントム・キングダム PORTABLE) is a Tactical RPG video game published by Nippon Ichi Software released on October 6th, 2011 for the PlayStation Portable.

Patch info:

  • Version: V0.9.3.
  • Credits: Patch Author chose to remain anonymous.
  • Translation Status: 98%.
  • Battle Menu, Character Names, Shop Menu: 100%.
  • Main Menu, options menu, Items, Skills: 98%.
  • Story: Chapters 1-10: 98%, Bonus Chapters 1-4: 98%.
    (Total chapters : 10 + 4 Bonus).


First off, make sure you have the latest version of PPSSPP. The default settings of the emulator cause a black screen bug you need to edit a file to be able to play this game. Follow this steps:

  1. Go to the folder where you have PPSSPP installed, in my case: “/ppsspp/memstick/PSP/SYSTEM/”
  2. Open the file “ppsspp.ini” with notepad.
  3. Find the line that says: “FuncReplacements = True”
  4. And change it to False, like this: FuncReplacements = False
  5. Now close the file and when asked to save click yes.
  6. Now you can launch PPSSPP and play the game like normal without Black Screen.
  7. Credits to “Elaugaufein” from PPSSPP Forums.

If you see the game in Japanese you must delete the savedata folder of this game the name of the folder to delete is: /NPJH50451/Install/
It’s located here: /ppsspp_win/ppsspp/memstick/PSP/SAVEDATA/NPJH50451/Install/
(Thanks to Linka)


Phantom Kingdom Portable (J+English Patched) PSP ISO Download:


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