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Game Name Pac-Man World Rally
Console PlayStation Portable
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Pac-Man World Rally is a Racing video game published by Bandai Namco Games released on August 22nd, 2006 for the PlayStation Portable.

Review by Wolfzen:

avatar=69_1408938584.pngImagine Mario Kart, but with Pac-Man instead. That’s basically exactly what Pac-Man World Rally is, but with a few tweaks here and there.
Your goal is to beat five players in a race, and climb your way to the very top!
The tracks are various ones from Namco and Pac-Man’s franchises. You can also get power ups from blue or green Pac-Man boxes, just like Mario Kart.
However, the items you can receive change depending on which place you are. First place mostly receives traps and simple power ups, while last place can kill everything with super-powerful ones.

There is also a Pac-Meter, which you can fill using Pac-Dots. Once your meter is full, prepare to go on a full-out rampage as a Pac-Mobile and eat your opponents! Fruits can also be collected, which trigger a shortcut in the race. However, the previous fruit must be collected to reach the next.

In Battle Mode, the player has no power ups, instead gaining weapons with varying ammo and damage. The goal of the game changes with the mode.
Death Match; where you have to get a set amount of kills (ow) first,
Free-for-All; in which whoever gets the most kills in a set amount of time wins,
Last Kart Driving, whoever’s still alive in the end is the winner,
Binge; get the most fruit within the time limit, and
Classic, whoever gets the most Pac-Dots in 1-3 rounds wins.

In GP mode, you race in a Rally Cup. If you get first on different difficulties, you can unlock new characters!

In my opinion, it is kind of like a Mario Kart rip off, but it’s pretty good. The graphics are okay, and for me the controls weren’t too hard to adjust to.
I’d recommend this for Pac-Man and arcade game lovers, just for old time’s sake. This is also good for Mario Kart lovers (though if you are one, I bet you’d be angry at the company for copying it XD).
Try it out, and see if you can top the charts in Pac-Man World Rally!

.iso CRC-32: e675a4fa


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