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Game Name Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble
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Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble is a Action video game published by Atlus released on October 11th, 2009 for the PlayStation Portable.

Review by Phanatoz:

avatar=77_1386467997.pngNote: This review contains excessive swearing to set the badass mood.

Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble bitch!
Pwn all them fagg0t noobs in a city you’re not from, cause why not?
Intimidate the fuck out of those little sissies and rip them a new asshole.
Actually, rip them a larger one!

Anywho, Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble is about beating up other badasses (or kawaii school girls and wimps), on a school trip to Kyoto.
You take a week long school trip to Kyoto and seek to destroy ALL BADASSES.
Screw Police, screw law, beat every fucking asshole you can find!
Tho, don’t fight police, you can only stun them for a few seconds, not beat them up.
Your goal in this is not to enjoy your school trip, not to hurt civilians, BUT BEAT THE HELL OUT OF EVERY BADASS BOSS.
Your goal is to defeat ALL 45 BADASS bosses in the Kyoto (split up into smaller areas) but don’ worry, you can always replay with previous data!
Over the week you could return to your room and customize your character with items you find/achieve.
You could also carry a weapon, but as the game says “WEAPONS ARE FOR SISSIES, FIGHT WITH YOUR FISTS”
Thus, if you fight with a weapon your “BADASS LEVEL/METER” will go lower, not to mention stamina will go decrease if you fight and run alot.
So you can’t keep fighting.
Also, in the room you can end the day or customize your fighting style!Not to mention, you could start of a battle with another BADASS with a staring contest/diss war.
You basically diss him saying “You’re just a little sissy, my grandma is stronger than you! BITCH!”This game has high re-playability because you ain’t gonna beat 45 losers in 7 days, right?
Plus you still need to unlock a bunch of weapons (for sissies) and customization.NOW WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? BEAT THEM BADASS BITCHES.

Honest review next…

Now, the game brought up a feeling of “Being badass” because when you start a fight you slowly approach them and then start staring with them

Then it shows those glare beams like in anime and all. And then, the battle begins.
Not a physical battle but a battle with words, cause badasses use any method to fight.
On the top of the screen it shows a line that you character is gonna say and you have to click the matching one in a limited time.
If you get all or most correct you will get a head start in the fight.

Aside from the fighting, you could also visit your room in which you could customize your character with different items you find all over the place of achieve. It ain’t all that deep into customization, but you could make your character look pretty fucked up.
Not to mention, in your room you could also end your day, pick up items, nap (to regain health) or change your fighting style.
True customization, not only appearance but battle wise customization.

Now the world map (Kyoto) is split up into different areas which you access with either walking, bus or cab, ofc, with payment.
But the nice thing was that you could buy a pass to get cheaper rides on the bus/cab, while buses only go down one route and take a longer time, cabs can go anywhere and take a shorter times but more expensive. Realism, lol.

There’s not much of a plot, since this game just focuses on literally, beating them all up.

.iso CRC-32: cd74299d


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