Higurashi Daybreak Portable Mega Edition (Japan) PSP ISO

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Game Name Higurashi Daybreak Portable Mega Edition
Original Title ひぐらしデイブレイク Portable MEGA EDITION
Console PlayStation Portable
Game Release (15 years ago)
Image Format ISO
Game ID ULJM-05557
Downloads 8,151
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Higurashi Daybreak Portable Mega Edition (ひぐらしデイブレイク Portable MEGA EDITION) is a Third Person Shooter video game published by Alchemist released on November 26th, 2009 for the PlayStation Portable.

Review by skywind08:

avatar=379_1405651010.pngA fighting game based on a visual novel and Anime “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni”.
One of the best game I’ve ever seen.

The story is about a mirror that can grant any wish, so everyone battles to earn it, but since (in the game) there are little girls against adults, they turned the battle into a 2-vs-2 battle, to make it seems fair. There are many teams to choose and every team have its own storyline.
The fighting style is like any third person shooter Gundam games, they will jump up in the air and FLY! YES FLY!!
Some are using melee weapons and some shoot projectiles and other dangerous weapons.

The great thing is that you can change weapons on every character and their fighting style will change, you can also change costumes
Swimsuit, Gym Uniform, Bath Towel, etc.
and special abilities. Some weapons and costumes must be bought at the shop.

Too bad this game is a Japanese game, but don’t worry, you don’t need to understand Japanese to play this game, because it’s pretty easy to play once you get used to it. But if you still confused, try this translation guide.

I have played every team story, used every weapon, wear every costume, and beat every difficulty, and I still love to play this game again.
So if you liked Higurashi series or loved fighting games, I recommend this game for you…

.iso CRC-32: 3dae025a


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