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Game Name Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl
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Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl is a Simulation/Strategy video game published by Natsume released on July 31st, 2007 for the PlayStation Portable.

Review by SupahCow090:

SupahCow090 avatarWanting to get one of Harvest Moon’s most solid entries in your PSP? Then Harvest Moon: Boy and Girl is for you. It’s basically Harvest Moon: Back To Nature and Harvest Moon: Back To Nature for Girls ported to the PSP. This is perfect for gamers that feels nostalgic and want to play a classic, solid, exceptional game.


This entry from the Harvest Moon series offers you to play either as a boy or girl, thus the name of the game. Though it offers different genders, the story, other than the first parts of the game, are the same for both boy and girl. For the boy, Destiny(can be changed), his story starts off with him receiving news about his grandfather’s death and his farm. Destiny then accepts the role to be the new owner of the farm. For the girl, Fate(can be changed), her story starts off with her thinking about what to do with her life. She then goes to a cruise and meets a poet and tells her a lot of witty things. The cruise was destroyed by a storm and Fate ends up in Mineral Town. She has nowhere to go. Thus, she remains in Mineral Town as it seems that it’s her fate. Farm life and relationships are the main focus of this entry. You have three years to make a great farm and if you pass the Mayor’ standards, which is fairly easy, you get to continue your game! Raise animals, plant crops and make a family! All of these you can do in Harvest Moon: Boy and Girl.


Harvest Moon: Boy and Girl’s goal is fairly easy. You can raise crops and animals, mine ores, fish and forage things to get money and buy things for your benefit until you have a successful life. You can go through different and unique events as the game goes on and enter different types of contests that may include your cooking skills or your animals! Tomorrow is something you look forward to in this game which makes everything exciting and fun.


The controls here are quite hard at first. To top that, there aren’t any tutorials given at first or instructions given. Quite disappointed because there are a lot of button combinations that you can do that creates an action that you don’t know. You may change your tool or change the item your holding or eat the item your holding. This is probably my biggest problem in this game. Even though I know the controls and very familiar with the game and series, I can just see the disappointment and confusion of newbies.


Old school. And yes, it’s a pro. The graphics isn’t good compared to other games. In fact, it’s bad compared to other games. But keep in mind that this is a port of the PS1 version which means a dated, vintage-looking art style and models. If you want a Harvest Moon game that has nice-graphic, go with the Harvest Moon: The Hero of Leaf Valley instead. The graphic of this game is intended to look old for the vintage and nostalgic feel for old-school gamers. Don’t hate the game for its graphics because its intentional.


Another Harvest Moon game with a great soundtrack that you’ll find yourself humming to. The background music in this game are relaxing and soothing, as it should be, and very appropriate for this kind of game. It’s something you won’t find annoying. In fact, you might find yourself wanting to hear these musics sometimes. I know I do. Natsume knows what music to place and where it should be placed.


STORY: 6/10 Cliché. But at least it has a plot. The story will go nowhere though.
GAMEPLAY: 9/10 Gameplay makes it a classic. Root of all Harvest Moon games.
CONTROLS: 6/10 Lack of instructions and tutorials is disappointing. Everything else is easy.
GRAPHICS: 7/10 Old-school, vintage feel gets you hyped for this game. Appealing to some.
SOUNDS: 8/10 Music is great, as expected. You’ll find yourself humming it.
OVERALL: 7.5/10 A classic ported-game that every Harvest Moon fan should play. Despite its flaws, it’s one of Natsume’s most solid game to date.

File: Harvest_Moon_Boy_and_Girl_USA_PSP-pSyPSP.iso
CRC-32: 77683451


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