Gods Eater Burst (USA+UNDUB) PSP ISO

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Game Name Gods Eater Burst
Console PlayStation Portable
Game Release (13 years ago)
Publisher D3Publisher
Languages ,
Image Format ISO
Game ID ULUS-10563
Downloads 143,911
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Gods Eater Burst is a Action video game published by D3Publisher released on March 15th, 2011 for the PlayStation Portable.

DLC Available for download on DLC Full List

Note: This Undub has problem when Alisa is in the party, the only way to get through that part is to use the regular USA from above, or remove her from the party.

From Undub readme:

Tested on: GEN-D3 (but should work for everyone, don't ask me though...)
Pre-patched: Yes

Modified Content
PMF - prologue, epilogue, and tutorial videos. Subbed and ready

AT3 - All cutscene voices are ready to go. Some 5,000+ short voices are not
replaced because of the file number differences between the JP and US version

VAG - battle voices and random in-battle comments. not replaced. Somehow,
replacing causes crashing at "character voices"...

thanks to cozy for providing the tools for unpacking and repacking the JP and
US version of Burst.
thanks to John_Titor for downsampling 18 of the AT3 cutscene voices.
thanks to myself for spending 80% of my spring break subtitling the PMFs and
cross checking the files to be replaced....

New Statistics
Thanks to John_Titor, the cutscenes should now be fully undubbed!
Ratio of UNDUB: 497MB:557MB
This repack is 89.23% UNDUB


Gods Eater Burst (USA+UNDUB) PSP ISO Download:


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