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Game Name Glass Heart Princess: PLATINUM
Original Title グラスハートプリンセス:プラチナム
Console PlayStation Portable
Game Release (11 years ago)
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Game ID ULJM-06309
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Glass Heart Princess: PLATINUM (グラスハートプリンセス:プラチナム) is a Visual Novel video game published by Idea Factory released on November 7th, 2013 for the PlayStation Portable.

Review by Nanami.Alen:

avatar=418_1409132341.jpgThe sequel of Glass Heart Princess is here! This time you didn’t need to worry about your heartbeat limit because fandisc means—you will be free to be happy! YAY! Still as Himeno Kyouko, you will once again go through another love stories! This game has several sections so let’s get our hearts ready!


What happened after the first game ended? Come on, everyone wanted a sweet happy ending right?
(+) Now you know who was your butler really are. But was it all? Is everything would be fine? Also, could Masaki Shinnosuke (KENN),prove that he could get away from his ‘butler’ instinct?
(+) You’re Glass Heart now and sometimes worked with Raven, a.k.a Karasuma Yukito (Suzuki Tatsuhisa) who also your boyfriend. You went into university and then, a rival appeared for Yukito! How could Yukito stay calm when the rival turned out to be his rich cousin who looked down on him and misunderstood something about him! No worries, there was something that even the poor Yukito could do!
(+) Happiness was around you and Asahina Tenma (Hatano Wataru). The forbidden love between you and him and between human and—another creature didn’t stop any of you. But then, a rumor reached your ears. A scary thing apparently walked around the school. Tenma was trying to go on patrol to know what was going when suddenly, you felt something different with you. And then you remembered, after the incident on the first game, you are not a human anymore and now, you’re thirsty and wanted some fresh blood. Could Tenma protect you from losing your mind, or you’d be a bloodthirsty monster soon enough?
(+) Hoshino Kanata (Miyata Kouki) came back from his planet already and now you two were ready for love-love date, a normal one. But sadly, not that fast. Konata, the alien that used to be on Kanata’s shoulder came to you in human form and said that–danger was approaching earth! What could you and Kanata do to save the world?!
(+) Domyouji Gai (Matsuoka Yoshitsugu), your now 18 years old fiancée came back from overseas to claim you and made you pay for what you did on him 8 years ago. The meek, innocent, and cute Gai now turned to be a sadistic teaser who looked down on his Kyouko-san for being innocently cruel to him. Gai didn’t know about your glass heart syndrome and seemed like, Shinnosuke didn’t like Gai! Now, Shinnosuke and Gai, who formerly a master and apprentice, would fight to see whether Gai really worth for Kyouko or not!


As the title stated it. It’s a section where we can date with two men at once! Who do you prefer? You can go in 3P dates to enjoy a great date and *coughs* intense rivalry as well!


Since you were busy to train your heart, you missed the high school trip. For that, your kind friend gave you tickets for a trip! Satsuki, your maid, agreed with that idea and of course, she wouldn’t be the maid in charge of your love plan if she didn’t plan something sinister for you. Yep! Let’s enjoy the tropical beach with all the heroes and spend your special moment with your special someone!


This part is a short story, taking from the men’s POV. Here, you will see what they thought about you and what they wished for.


No one can hate Satsuki. She is your maid, who loves anime, manga, and games. She is the one who plan everything for you, carefully and will be at your side every time you need her. Oh well, she did magically appear behind you several times but overall, she is your best friend! And so, this time, you will give her a favour. Make her happy by planning something ‘evil’ with your girl friends!

As usual, Glass Heart Princess Platinum is a funny game, with parodies and gags running here and there. You won’t get bored from playing this and also, the strong characters are definitely worth your time! Go ahead and make your heart stronger while have fun date in Glass Heart Princess Platinum!

.iso CRC-32: 7711979c


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