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Game Name Geten no Hana: Yume Akari
Original Title 下天の華 夢灯り
Console PlayStation Portable
Game Release (10 years ago)
Image Format ISO
Game ID NPJH-50864
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Geten no Hana: Yume Akari (下天の華 夢灯り) is a Visual Novel video game published by Koei Tecmo Games released on February 27th, 2014 for the PlayStation Portable.

Review by Nanami.Alen:

avatar=418_1409132341.jpg“There is a rumor that you will never able to attack Oda Nobunaga, because a ‘deity’ is known to protect Azuchi Castle where Nobunaga resided. People fear this deity but a little they know that the deity is not a scary monster, but actually a beautiful ninja girl.”

Geten no Hana -Yume Akari- is actually a fanddisk, taking what the common route of of the first Geten no Hana left you with.
WARNING, playing this game before the first Geten no Hana will spoil the story of the first Geten no Hana! Proceed with cautions!

You’re Hotaru, you can change her name but if you leave it that way, everyone will call her name without a strange pause between sentences. Well, Hotaru is a ninja from Fujibayashi clan, one of the three influential branches of the Iga ninja. Her clan is known for their abilities to transform. But sadly, his families died before Hotaru could learn more of this ability.

And thus, Hotaru trained under Momoji, a great and strict Ninja. But then, Momoji went on mission some years later and left Hotaru to train alone. And when Hotaru reached age eighteen years old, a mission came to her, to infiltrate Azuchi Castle, where Oda Nobunaga lived. The request came from Akechi Mitsuhide. And a request from Mitsuhide himself, Hotaru would stay in Akechi mansion as Akechi Kikkyo-hime, a little sister of Mitsuhide himself and no one must not know her real identity, or she should face the death. Hotaru got a ninja scroll from Iga elder that gave her power to transform into bird, jizou statue, frog, a man called Shichisuke and a woman called Oshichi.

After numerous missions from Mistuhide, Hotaru ended up revealed herself and her ability in front of Nobunaga and his comrades when she wanted to save Nobunaga. After the Honnouji Temple incident, Nobunaga offered her a proper job as Azuchi’s guardian, which she accepted as she wanted to see peace under Nobunaga’s guidance.

Geten no Hana ended there and Yume Akari started. In the morning, she would be Kikkyo-hime, the beautiful princess of Akechi but as the night fall, she turned to be Hotaru, the Azuchi Guardian who made sure everything was safe while staying in darkness. Everything went well, until suddenly, a series of animal attacks happened to Nobunaga. Another assassination attempt?! How could you, as Hotaru, protect Oda Nobunaga when your enemies were animals and the mastermind was nowhere to be seen?!

Well, Hotaru is a beautiful lady but aside of that, she can fight well. You, as Hotaru, will need to use your kunai to protect Nobunaga whatever it costs. You will have a small minigame of fighting, required you to press some buttons before the time is up. You also will need to transform, based on situation and a wrong transformation will lead to failure.

Geten no Hana –YumeAkari- is for you, who are bored with weak heroine who got knight in the shining armor to save her. This game, allowed you to be the knight instead, without everyone knew it of course. Personally, this game is on top of my favorite otome games list. Beautiful graphics, nice music, and also, a story about a strong woman who isn’t allowed to fall in love during the mission is not something you can miss! So go ahead and protect Azuchi Castle as Hotaru in Geten no Hana -YumeAkari-!

.iso CRC-32: e594fa33


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