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Game Name Fate/Unlimited Codes
Console PlayStation Portable
Game Release (15 years ago)
Publisher Capcom
Image Format ISO
Game ID NPUH-10009
Downloads 82,448
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Fate/Unlimited Codes is a Fighting video game published by Capcom released on September 3rd, 2009 for the PlayStation Portable.

This game has voices in japanese.

Review by Ayoub AZ:

Ayoub avatarFate/Unlimited Codes is a 2D fighting game, based on the wide known Type Moon’s Franchise “Fate/Stay Night”, unlike it origin this one was planned by Cavia, developed by Eighting, and published by Capcom.

The story of this game is simple, pick your favorite character,and sink in the world of Fate where you gonna enjoy the story while slashing through your enemies

Now that we cover the story, let pass to the gameplay

the game-play in this game is quite speedy, you can make use of the friendly system to make nice combo moves while you beat your enemy or charge your power to unleash your special move.In this game you three standard attack buttons (Weak, Medium & Heavy) you can make use to create your favorite combo style, you can also parry’s you enemy movements. but be careful a failed parry will take away 50% of your super meter (which is a standard 3 max super meter).

The roster of this game is quite big for a game based on a VN. You have 17 different fighter from Masters(Emiya Shirou, Tohsaka Rin, Matou Sakura, Bazett Fraga Mcremitz, Kotomine Kirei) to Servants (Saber,Archer,Lancer,Rider, BerserkerAssasin, Gilgamesh,Caster, Saber Alter,Zero Lancer) or some other like (Luviagelita Edelfelt, Leysritt) to choose and to start playing.

The game is generally separated to: Story Mode, Mission Mode, Gallery where you can see the different outfit that you character have or can unlock, and some mini games that you can play.

This game is a great addition to any Fate fans, and to any Fighting fans who want to pass time with this friendly game that you can enjoy it.

.iso CRC-32: 9b941ccf


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