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Game Name Digimon Adventure (English Patched)
Original Title デジモンアドベンチャー
Console PlayStation Portable
Game Release (11 years ago)
Publisher Bandai Namco Games
Image Format ISO
Game ID NPJH-50686
Downloads 164,628
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Digimon Adventure (English Patched) (デジモンアドベンチャー) is a RPG video game published by Bandai Namco Games released on January 17th, 2013 for the PlayStation Portable.

English patch info:

Patch Version: v1.2
Changes: This fixes a bug with which the game crashed when talking to Koushirou while exploring in the episode “The Sea King, MetalSeadramon!”.
Release Date: March 23rd, 2018
Progress: 100%
Source: https://digimonadventurenglish.weebly.com/updates/march-23rd-2018

File: Digimon_Adventure_v1.2.iso
CRC-32: 7d4728b9
MD4: 717794bd5ec194ce79b44e53c1c5f59e
MD5: e1e0f761a1a58b56839aae3fb7dee9e8
SHA-1: db337e1cd1f56aaa874cff6c92053e28926dfa77

Review by PKMaster99:

avatar=410_1408942139.jpgDo You like Digimon? Especially the Adventure series way back in the day? You will not regret trying this game out. My overall score is 8/10

Story 9/10
I have to say, they got everything in the game. Even the cutscenes are pretty good and accurate. Aside from the story, you are able to play through the game with side story. Some of them might be a bit weird but that are still fun to go through. I really think it is just so well done that you can’t really ask for better.

Art 8/10
Not the best type of art since it really could display in better art and colors. Though I said that, there are part of the games that is just amazing and makes me feel like “it can’t get any better than this” during certain parts of the game even though the art is not really that great.

Sound 9/10
I personally believe this series has it voice and musics done pretty much perfect. One problem though, few parts of the game really should have better or fresh bgm. There is no real problem but I guess it is just too much of a classic styles. It is a feeling but I can guarantee that the musics itself is great.

Gameplay 7/10
The game is just perfect in every way possible but there is one problem, it feels a bit too much like a dungeon crawler game for an rpg/adventure type game. For that, I really believe it is something that could have be worked on. Another problem I have is the battles, even though the combat its pretty awesome but one major problem exist from what I noticed. There is a horrible balance between the ability cost and evolutions. Sure, each character should have it strength and weakness but the balancing between some of them are just huge. You can give some of the better items to the weaker one and nothing for another one at same level. that other digimon might be able to survive more hits while doing more damage even though all the conditions are the same. I love this game and everything but… there are a bit of balancing that needs improvement.


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