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Game Name ClaDun: This is an RPG!
Console PlayStation Portable
Game Release (13 years ago)
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Game ID NPUH-10072
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ClaDun: This is an RPG! is a RPG video game published by NIS America released on September 20th, 2010 for the PlayStation Portable.

Review by LordZemus:

avatar=402_1408883903.jpgCladun is a retro-16bit-style dungeon crawler rpg where you traverse many (and I mean many) dungeons to get out of Arcanus Cella, an isolated world created by the Witch residing in it and where all our characters fell into (on purpose or not).

Arcanus Cella acts as your HQ where you organize your equipment, skills, interact or create characters … and prepare to go through the blue door which leads you to the dungeons, and by completing one you unlock new ones .If you explore Arcanus Cella thoroughly, you will find many secrets and hidden features, some of them are only unlocked if you progress through the game so come back later.

Unlike most dungeon-crawlers, this is an action-based rpg where slash, slide, defend and dash through each level instead of turn-based combat and the variety of enemies will make you adapt your combat style to them (some are vulnerable only to magick, others teleport every half second…) instead of just beating them to death (you can do that later when you’re overpowered).

The character enhancement is actually quite unique in this game: you can only take one character (called main character ,can be exchanged for any other character you unlocked) at a time in a dungeon, the others will act as ‘boosters’, allowing you to enhance your character by linking them to power-ups you place on a power sheet and literally using them as human shields to defend your own HP, and thats not all ; when your ‘booster’ characters level up they gain stats that make them better, except for HP and MANA(needed to link boosters to the main character) which only the main character gains, and the main character on his side can’t gain stats for himself: this mechanic forces you to constantly change your characters in order to enhance them properly, and since each character possess a their own class and skill (you can change classes later if you thoroughly explore Arcanus Cella and many other hidden features) dungeon exploring wont be so dull.

The dungeons are quite colorful and the more you explore, more complex and longer they will get(the first ones will take seconds to complete, the next ones minutes) ; and despite it’s multiplayer feature, it is not recommended since it makes the game LAG ( a lot). A fun RPG Dungeon-Crawler recommended to players that enjoy going though mazes with all its traps and monsters without caring much about the story which is quite simple but somewhat intriguing: The characters came to Arcanus Cella by accident(or on purpose) and now they want to get out (none of them is the actual lead character of the game) ; while doing that they see that a mysterious mask is gaining sentience and will of its own, everyone just ignores it while the Witch makes everything possible to get rid of it (I bet it’s Jim Carrey’s Mask).


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