Vs. Duck Hunt: LCD MOD (Hack) NES ROM

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Game Name Vs. Duck Hunt: LCD MOD
Console NES
Game Release (39 years ago)
Genre ,
Publisher N
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The game:

This is not an official NES game but a port of the arcade machine to NES. I add the clean rom to the hack because it's hard to find the correct one.
I think you can even shoot the dog in this one, a long time dream of many.

The Hack:

Hack of Vs. Duck Hunt that allows you to play it on an LCD monitor. Works on original console but doesn't work with the Zapper unless you change the diode.
But aftermarket like Tomee Zapp Gun for NES work.
Make sure to avoid sun light reflecting on the screen and dim any room lights.
TV on Game mode is recommended if present.
You can change the delay in pause menu with the D-pad.

.nes CRC-32: 45b180f7
MD5: ab9a2f6cf2e0078f7fd3c142b861b6eb


Vs. Duck Hunt: LCD MOD (Hack) NES ROM Download:


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