Super Mario Bros. 3+ (Hack) NES ROM

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Game Name Super Mario Bros. 3+
Console NES
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Romhack of Super Mario Bros. 3 by infidelity

BETA 4.2


  • Press Start at the world map to choose between Mario, Luigi, Toad or Peach.
  • At that save menu can also save the game, even at world 9.
  • Can re-enter and exit cleared stages.
  • Swapping characters retains obtained power ups.
  • Luigi can jump higher, Toad in big form can kick enemies/blocks, Peach has SMB2 floating mechanic.
  • Ground pound is possible by pressing down in mid air (it can also be disabled on the pause menu), it used on a slope you gain speed.
  • Wall jump possible.
  • Can toss objects vertically or drop them.
  • Can jump off vines.
  • Hammer suit new ability: duck and press B to charge, release B while holding down to dash forward doing damage.
  • Secret feature after completing the game!


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