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Game Name Enchanted Folk and the School of Wizardry
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Enchanted Folk and the School of Wizardry is a RPG video game published by Konami released on March 13th, 2009 for the DS.

Review by LordZemus:

LordZemus avatarWhen you first see this game , you will surely think : ‘This is a Animal Crossing rip-off!’ Yes , it is a rip-off , but a good one which you may like even more than the original ; so expect me comparing both in this review.

You are a new transfer student in the wizardry School . At the beginning you will be interviewed by the School’s principal , you can decide name , gender and birth date . After that you move into a dorm with your own room and go everyday to school to learn magic while doing your everyday life and participating in events along the way.

The game

The game plays exactly like Animal Crossing , except for a couple of elements:

1- You can go to class and learn spells and hexes to help you out , prank your classmates and help you advance in different tasks you may find.

School of magic

2- Mystery Time ; as time passes , you may be given access to the mystery time in the dorm once week , either activated by the mystery key or triggered at a certain date : for an entire day the world turns dark , rare bugs and fishes will appear and mystery events will happen where you must help out a certain character with his/her/it’s troubles. The day after , the mystery event shall occur.

mystery time

3- Dating! , you can finally date other student NPCs. (Suck on that Animal Crossing!, but it doesn’t support same gender relationships…dammit) When you see a fellow student going their business try hitting X to wave to them and get their attention and then press A to interact with a couple of options instead of just initiate a conversation (play together , go to school together … ) , and when friendship is high enough , you may confess your love to them and become lovers or "best friends".


If you like life-sim games or a different type of Animal Crossing , this game is recommended as it takes a slightly more active approach to its gameplay and you can do almost the same things you do in AC (but with magic to pass time while you wait for things to happen) the only drawback in this game is that it is a bit more simple and straightforward than AC.


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