Flashback: The Quest for Identity (DOS)

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Game Name Flashback: The Quest for Identity
Console MS-DOS
Game Release (31 years ago)
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Image Format binary (.exe)
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Flashback: The Quest for Identity is a Action video game published by Delphine Software International, Strategic Simulations released on 1993 for MS-DOS.

How to play Flashback: The Quest for Identity (DOS):

  1. Extract the .zip file
  2. Drag and drop fb.COM (NOT THE .EXE!!!) into DOSBox

NOTE: On the copy protection screen press + on the numeric-pad until all numbers are filled, then press enter.

Cannot stress enough don’t use fb.EXE, the gameplay is slower with it, since it’s not cracked.


  • TAB: Skip intro/cut-scenes
  • Arrow Keys: Move, crouch, jump.
  • Space-Bar: Draw gun.
  • SHIFT: Pick up items, Shoot (if gun is drawn)
  • SHIFT + Arrow Keys: Run, Forward jump (if gun not drawn).
  • TAB: Inventory, choose active item.
  • ESC: Menu.



Flashback: The Quest for Identity (DOS) Download:


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