Dope Wars (DOS)

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Game Name Dope Wars
Console MS-DOS
Game Release (39 years ago)
Image Format binary (.exe)
Downloads 827
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Dope Wars is a Strategy video game published by Happy Hacker Foundation released on 1985 for MS-DOS.

How to play Dope Wars (DOS):

Extract the .zip and drag DOPEWARS.EXE to DOSBox shortcut.


One of those “forbidden” games kinda, or at least immoral maybe. You are a drug dealer moving through New York  boroughs to find best dope prices then take public transportation (badass) and sell it elsewhere and hopefully make a profit. Each trip requires money from the loan sharks though so you want to minimize them. Finding good prices isn't easy either, specially when the police keeps chasing you each time they spot you. It’s fun, not gonna lie. Not for everyone though.


Dope Wars (DOS) Download:


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