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Game Name Crystal Caves
Console MS-DOS
Game Release (33 years ago)
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Crystal Caves is a Platformer 2D/Shooter video game published by Apogee Software released on 1991 for MS-DOS.

Contains all 3 volumes:

  • Volume 1: Troubles with Twibbles
  • Volume 2: Slugging It Out
  • Volume 3: Mylo Versus the Supernova

There's also compilation with all of them together but it's actually more work to run that since it asks you to install them,
while the stand alone ones are pre installed.

How to (stand alone):

  1. Extract zip
  2. Drop cc1.exe (or cc2 or cc3) into DOSBox shortcut
  3. Explore caves.

How to (Compilation):

  1. Extract zip
  2. Drop cc1-asp.exe (or cc2 or cc3) into DOSBox shortcut
  3. When asked top which hard drive to install press enter.
  4. When ask to which directory type for example:  crystal1 (or whatever). A dir with that name will be created.
  5. When finished installing type "cd crystal1"
  6. Type cc1 to play vol1, or cc2 or cc3 if you installed those.
  7. On subsequent plays you can just drag cc1/cc2/cc3 from their installed folder into DOSBox Shortcut.


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