Pokemon Emerald Rebirth Reborn (Hack) GBA ROM

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Game Name Pokemon Emerald Rebirth Reborn (Hack)
Console GBA
Game Release (19 years ago)
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Romhack of Pokemon Emerald


  • Poison Survival
  • HM's deletable
  • Exp All
  • remove bip low hp
  • infinite safari steps
  • berry trees no longer disappear
  • flee prevention
  • shiny base rate
  • text speed
  • repel system
  • Don't lost money after defeat
  • Firered style fishing
  • disable random pokenav calls from trainers
  • fast tutorial wally battle
  • type effectiveness display
  • Cleanse Tag modifiers 1/2


  • Added double trainer battle before Roxanne - gave one of the trainers a relicanth & the other a larvitar
  • Edit roxanne's dialogue to indicate infinite tms
  • Add kabuto and omanyte to Mirage Tower
  • Add heart scales for sale
  • Set lady under bike route to be a healing lady like the one in the house north of the desert
  • Make both bikes obtainable
  • Lower Dratini and Dragonair evolve levels to be in line with starters
  • Change Psyduck and Golduck to be Physic type and edit their movesets
  • Change Gyarados to dragon and water and edit moveset
  • Set aerial ace to go first
  • Set mach punch to never miss
  • Set shadow punch to always go first
  • Edit tackle, cut, and metal claw
  • Give Surf a 20% chance to cause flinching
  • Remove cracks in mirage tower
  • Import Fire Red Legendary graphics then manually place all legendaries around map - - Celebi & Jirachi in Legend Cave
  • Put Sacred Ash in Ho-Oh's area & wherever the 3 beasts(raikou, suicune, & entei) go
  • Entei in Navel Rock
  • Raikou in Sky Pillar
  • Remove cracks in sky pillar
  • Suicune in petalburg woods
  • Moltres done
  • Zapdos in Old Mauville
  • Articuno done in granite cave
  • Mewtwo given unique sprite
  • Gave flash perfect accuracy, 50 damage, & changed its type to electric type
  • Changed frontier's exclusion list to remove legendaries
  • Raised Cut accuracy & Rock Smash damage
  • Maybe make a new map for mewtwo encounter(right clicking on warps gives option for new map) - don't forget to delete extra door in birch's lab
  • Fixed shoal cave, restore the original doors, and moved the warps to the Legend Cave
  • Add boulder in front of Legend Cave
  • Changed legend cave to level 50 instead of 100
  • Removed rocks in legend cavern
  • Removed fence in oldale town
  • Running indoors
  • Add boulders to Birch's lab
  • Catching pokemon gives XP(done but if leveled up, pokedex screen is messed up)
  • Reusable TMs & national dex
  • Reusable move trainer NPC's -
  • Add Relicanth back to its normal spawn point & Petalburg's ponds
  • Dratini & Pichu in starter area
  • Gastly & Abra to Duskull's spawn area after Oldale
  • Shroomish in Petalburg woods
  • Do something with inaccessible door in the house in Sootopolis - created mewtwo encounter in sealed chamber
  • Change kid in grass after olddale town to be a move tutor for Leech Seed
  • Kadabra evolves at 30
  • Machoke evolves at 45
  • Graveler evolves at 45
  • Seadra evolves at 50


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