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Game Name Fire Emblem: Dream of Five (Hack)
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This is another story + difficulty hack with all the custom maps, units, music, weapons, etc.
Our tale starts on the continent of Kallas, specifically in the kingdom of Aukeman.
Here, we have a border patrol headed by a strong willed woman named Renair and their job is to protect civilians from bandits.
Although she is just doing her job, her group finds itself caught up in a larger struggle and they’re forced to flee their country.

The game offers a route split, similar to Sacred Stone’s, where you choose which country you decide to flee to. This also determines the makeup of your group as some of your current and future allies are exclusive to one path.

The Iron Knight Arcus (aka the anti-mage killer with his trusty one-shotting axe Ramrivus) is the lord you travel with in Route A.

The Duelist Seymour (aka the blade/lance lord of Justice! with his long ranged Gladius) is who you meet in Route B.

This game is dead afaik. Labeled as hiatus.
The game goes up to Chapter 14 A/B (for both Arcus’s and Seymour’s paths after the route split after Ch 7)
That is 25 chapters total if you include the side chapters
It is still worth a playthrough since it’s a fairly good hack


  • The Partisan and the Swordslayer have inaccurate damage display on the statscreen, they deal the proper damage when attacking
  • World Map Events are glitchy and may not reflect things correctly. (Making map sprites turn into a different affiliation, making map sprites not appear)
  • When refreshing, the Dancer/Bard (whichever you get) may get a weapon level up after refreshing, do not pay attention to it.
  • Do not use cleared FE7 save, the generic prepromotes will have their stats increase severely, no augury will appear too.
  • In Ch 10A, Katrina appears twice, during the prep screen and after it, will find a fix later.
  • Supports have not been written yet so you will get random portraits with a conversation from FE7


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