Broken Circle (Unlicensed) (Europe) GBA ROM

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Game Name Broken Circle (Unlicensed)
Console GBA
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Broken Circle (Unlicensed) is a RPG video game published by 7 Raven Studios released on June 10th, 2009 for the GBA.

In 2004 artist Elvis Morelli won a competition by a big publisher (which remains unknown), the prize? Make a game and we'll publish it! So he setup a team to create this game, only to find that the publisher had backtracked on its promise "We decided not to take 3rd party games any more". Knowing the cost of litigation they chose to finish development and try luck with another publisher. But they ran into more issues...

The main problem was it needed a 256 Mbits cart and publisher wouldn't accept that at the end of the GBA life cycle. So the team was forced to work to reduce the game quality and size (from 256 colors to 16 colors for all enemies, among other things), and made it fit on a 128Mbit, which took a long time. Still struggling to find a publisher they further reduced the game size to make it fit on 64 Mbit cart which was the norm and a requirement by most publishers back then. Alten8 publisher attempted to sell the game without big N. license without much success, then the game was released online for free by the 7 Raven Studios Team.

Game credits:

  • Programmer: Francesco Marra
  • Artist: Alberto Bontempi, Alberto Dolci, Elvis Morelli, Riccardo Pieruccini
  • Game Design: Alberto Dolci
  • Lead Artist: Michele Bertilorenzi
  • Musics and Sfx: Simone Cicconi

.gba CRC-32: 3212c09b
MD5: 09c14005c7e4914a54ca9f5cf7514992


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