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Game Name PokemonXY: Naturia Version (Hack)
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What is probably one of the best Hackroms of Pokemon out there to be honest. I can’t really talk about what is Pokemon Naturia without being biased. But it is one of the most challenging hacks out there so be ready to get your ass kicked here and there and there and there and there…

PokemonXY: Naturia Version is a HackROM base project that was planned as test subject for the never released Pokemon R3volution. As a ROM base, the idea of the project was to be the new standard for GameBoy Color hacking. It was meant to change the way people played pokemon on that generation and even intended to be a platform for online competitive Generation II Pokemon games.

What makes Pokemon Naturia amazing isn’t the story, you will just walk the good old Johto region without any major changes except maybe for the Beta Maps hidden within Gold data that replace the maps shown in release. Pokemon Naturia is a hack about features.

From introducing Abilities on Generation II games, to making new movements that match their Generation VI counterparts, going through the Physical/Special Split Introduced in Generation III, walking by the hand of a Pokédex full of a selected group of Pokemon from between all Generation up to IV… Pokemon Naturia has it all. And More.

It is so ambitious of a project, it ports and introduces new Abilities for a selected few Pokemon that gives them more personality and character. Not only that but it tweaks the Berry system to a whole new level. It makes Weather a very important element that you HAVE to master if you don’t want to die to it.

It has a built in difficulty system that you can turn on and off any time which makes battles even harder by limitting the ammount of items you can use in them as well as making Switching a very important strategy.

It is a competitive Pokemon HackROM meant to be the ultimate challenge for the GameBoy Color.

But sadly, while it has all these and much many other features within the game… the game is packed with several bugs due to the huge ammount of coding that was done to it and because of its status as an experimental Base ROM. Several abilities are broken and several others that look broken are actually working just fine. It can happen too that the game resets itself to a buggy version of it. You must restart to avoid save file corruption.

All in all, between the cool features, the bugs, the difficulty of it, this hackROM is a jewel between jewels. Give it a try if you think you can beat it. Nuzlockes aren’t adviced.

P.S.:The game is so amazing, I forgot to write about Hidden Abilities. Have fun.

The game comes with the respective documentation in its original format, the language might not please many but that’s how it works.


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